What is Hemp Flower?

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Canabis Sativa L. is considered hemp when it or its products contain less than 0.3% THC. This plant produces hemp flowers on the tips of its branches. The hemp flowers are clusters small florets that Increase in density through the course of the flowering cycle, creating a bud - or hemp flower. These hemp flowers are where the plant Concentrates it's chemical constituents - most prominently Cannabinoids and terpenoids. People Buy hemp flower bud because it is the most sought after and potent portion of the plant especially when the hemp flowers are dried properly. These dried hemp flowers will maintain and acquire the aromas and saturation of cannabinoids. It is from this hemp flower that CBD and other cannabinoid concentrates are produced. Some hemp flower concentrates are considered full spectrum (all cannabinoids and terpenoids including some THC <0.3%) while others are considered broad spectrum (all cannabinoids and terpenoids but excluding THC) and still others are considered an isolate of some cannabinoid, typically CBD.

Hemp flowers are the natural sex organs of the plant, whereby pollination occurs at the stamen (white or orange hairs) of the female hemp flower fertilized by pollen from the male hemp flower. In the case of feminized hemp flower, this pollen is derived from a genetically female plant that has been induced to produce male hemp flowering components. This genetically female hemp plant with male hemp flower components produces pollen that then pollinates a female hemp flower through it's multitude of stamen on each of the hemp florets to produce a female seed. The same is true in the traditional pollination by a male hemp flower to female hemp flowers. In this way female hemp flowers will produce hundreds of seeds per terminal hemp flower floret. This in-turn produces thousands of hemp seeds within each of the hemp flower buds at the termini of each branch. These seeds will then mature over the course of the 6 to 8 weeks within the hemp flower and will have all of the necessary components of amino acids, proteins and carbohydrates to grow into a new seedling. When the proper conditions are met, this new seedling will in-turn grow into a fully developed plant when temperature and moisture are appropriate for sprouting, growth and development. This seedling will begin its journey  to produce hemp flowers of its' own and thus become either the pollen donor hemp Flower or recipient hemp flower depending on the sex organs of the hemp flower produced.

From a consumer perspective one would hope for sensimillia – Seedless hemp flower. In this way a seed would never be vaporized, and thus never contaminate the hemp flower one is attempting to derive the volatile cannabinoid compoenents of. When a seed is avoided in the hemp flower one would find that the taste of the hemp flower is uncontaminated and therefore Sensimillia hemp flower has the potential to enter among the connoisseur grade. An occasional seed will occur in any hemp flower, either due to pollen drift from a nearby male hemp flower, or from a hermaphroditic state of hemp flowers which occasionally developed within the field of hemp flower.

hermaphroditic hemp flowers contain both male and female hemp flower components. Nearly all hemp flower genetic lines are subject to hermaphroditic hemp flower tendencies. Nearly one in 3000 is average for a "female hemp flower only" field. If these hermaphroditic hemp flowers are not rogued, they will in-turn pollinate those female hemp flowers surrounding them. This will result in seed production within those surrounding female hemp flowers and will result in lower grade hemp flower bud. Growing hemp flower on a large-scale becomes difficult in this way. Hermaphroditic hemp flowers are difficult to find and to rogue out, as is true for male hemp flowers. The occasional drift from surrounding male hemp flowers, is also a plight of the hemp flower farmer.

In the absence of seeds, wether through physical separation or their altogether absence in sensimillia hemp flower, hemp flower is a delight to consume. The best hemp flowers contain high-level's of cannabinoids and terpenoids that are diverse in nature and contribute to the entourage effect by providing complementary effects. These hemp flower derived constituents have been consumed worldwide, with hemp flower concentrates consumed for centuries. Typically this is done in a ceremonial form, though individuals have also discovered and utilized the benefits of hemp flower use beyond ceremony. Hemp flowers have also been harvested to produce hashish and other concentrated forms of hemp flower derived constituents. Currently hemp flower is a newly rediscovered remedy of sorts that people, including our customers, have been finding quite useful in the treatment of their ailments. Some have found hemp flower to be relieving for their pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, seizures and Epilepsy. We hereby make no expressed claim that hemp flower can do any of these things. We are simply relaying the first hand experience of our customers who tell their of experiences with our hemp flower.

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