Will Hemp Flower Get Me High?

Hemp Flower with Balloon - Will Hemp Flower Get Me High?

Will Hemp Flower Get Me High?

It looks like weed, smells like weed, and tastes like weed, so does hemp flower get you high like weed? It’s a fair question to ask if you’re thinking about trying it for yourself. Read on to find out all that you need to know! 

Hemp Flower and THC Content 

Will hemp flower get me high? The simplest answer to this question is no; it will not. However, that answer is somewhat incomplete, as there are positive effects that users of hemp oil or hemp flower can enjoy that are typically associated with the idea of getting stoned, including uplifted mood, enhanced relaxation, and stress relief. 


So what exactly is the difference between the effects of hemp flower and the effects of weed?


The difference is THC content. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive component found in weed. In other words:  It’s what gets you ripped. Psychoactive cannabis typically has about 20-30% THC content, while smokable hemp flower has <0.3% THC. The extremely low amount of THC found in hemp flower means you won’t become impaired by smoking it. 

What’s the Point of Hemp Flower If It Won’t Get You High? 

Why would someone want to smoke hemp flower if they weren’t even going to get buzzed off of it? There are more than a few good reasons. 

It Still Has Positive Effects 

Although it doesn’t have a psychoactive component, the aforementioned mood enhancement and relaxing effects of CBD and CBG -- which are prevalent in hemp flower -- are enough to lead many people to give it a try. Think of it as offering all of the calming effects of weed, but without the high.   

It’s Totally Legal 

For many years, hemp and weed were grouped together, leading to both being outlawed because of the psychoactive effects of the latter. But with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, products like CBD oil, CBD-infused lotions, and smokable hemp flower are now totally legal, which means that everyone can enjoy their positive effects at their leisure. 

It’s a Great Weed Alternative 

Although it’s slowly being legalized in states across the country, weed is still illegal on the federal level. Although you may enjoy using it, you may not want to risk fines, tickets, or even arrest to do so. Hemp flower offers a great legal alternative to anyone who wants to enjoy the smell, taste, and feel of marijuana without risking legal ramifications or becoming intoxicated from a psychoactive ingredient. 

It’s Just a Beautiful Plant 

The ways in which the hemp plant can benefit mankind are countless, and cultivating it can be a rewarding experience. Now that it’s legal, you can grow your own and enjoy the positive effects of smokable hemp flower that you produce by yourself. 

Buy Legal CBD Hemp Flower 

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