• Is Hemp Flower Legal?

    Is Hemp Flower Legal?
    Is Hemp Flower Legal? If you’ve ever seen CBD hemp flower before, you’ve probably noted how much it resembles its illicit cousin, marijuana. When it comes to its look, smell, and taste, there is hardly any clear distinction that you can draw between the two, so it makes sense that you might question whether hemp flower is also considered to be an illicit substance....
  • What Are The Effects of CBD Hemp Flower?

    What Are The Effects of CBD Hemp Flower?
    In recent years, a wide array of studies into the potential benefits of CBD have been conducted -- many of which have exciting results -- and the anecdotal evidence also seems to confirm the wide range of positive effects, which can include: Uplifted mood Calming sensation Increased focus Stress relief While current research shows that CBD may have even greater health benefits beyond what’s listed above -- such as...
  • What is Hemp?

    What is Hemp?
    Both industrial hemp and psychoactive cannabis are members of the Cannabis sativa species. They are both dioecious plants that share an iconic seven-pronged leaf. Both have the same aromatic terpenes, and both contain psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). But while the average Sativa or Indica marijuana plant can produce flower buds containing between 25-30% THC or more, hemp flower generally contains <0.3% THC and does not have psychoactive effects.