Is Hemp Flower Legal in Texas?

Is hemp flower legal in Texas?

While Texas is a mighty agricultural state, it was not one of the first to adopt Hemp cultivation regulation. Despite the farm bill having been signed by President Trump at the end of 2018, The Texas governor didn’t authorize house bill 1325 until June 2019. This finally put into place regulations for production, manufacturer and retail sale of hemp and hemp derived products.
House bill 1325 made it legal to grow hemp flower in Texas and legal to consume hemp flower in Texas, but processing hemp flower was banned by the bill. While you may be jumping for joy at the prospect, a cautionary note must be struck as hemp flower looks and smells exactly like marijuana flower, so much so that law-enforcement may not be able to distinguish between the two. Since there’s no recreational or medical marijuana laws on the Texas books and there’s no easy way to test the flower by the law enforcement agent, one could easily be “caught” smoking something perfectly legal and have a difficult time reasoning from the backseat!

Is it legal to grow hemp in Texas?

Texas farmers are allowed to grow hemp provided they apply for and receive a hemp cultivation license. This license, along with the practical application of the regulations set forth in house bill 1325 on hemp production are carried out by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Applications for a Texas hemp cultivation license were initially received in March, 2020 with the first Texas hemp growing license issued in April, 2020. Yes, 4-20.

What’s the legality of CBD in Texas?

CBD is legal in Texas and is regulated by the Texas Department of State Health Services which regulates the consumable hemp-derived CBD products that are retailed in Texas. Texas CBD regulations state that consumable products cannot contain more than 0.3% THC and those hemp-derived products sold in retail stores or online must refrain from making any medical claims.

Beyond Texas, the FDA has jurisdiction in monitoring and enforcing all marketing of drugs, cosmetics, food, and dietary supplements - and  most consumable hemp derived CBD products fall under the FDA purview.

FDA hemp and CBD regulations are relatively unclear and enforcement is spotty; it’s within this void that Texas department of State Health Services must operate. so, as of this writing, it is legal for Texas retailers to sell CBD infused products like CBD hemp oil, tinctures, edibles, topicals, and CBD hemp flower so long as the source of the cannabinoids is hemp.

Is it legal to produce hemp flower in Texas?

Oddly, in Texas, it is both legal to sell Hemp flower and legal to consume hemp flower but house bill 1325 banned the processing and manufacturing of hemp flower in Texas. So your local retailer will be getting their hemp flower from out of state.

Where can you buy hemp flower in Texas?

There are many retailers throughout the state of Texas that can supply your needs in an in person experience that will be impossible to emulate online, however there are a few things that your local retailer will not be able to offer you.

Freshness and selection of hemp flowers are at the top of the list. Since you can order farm direct with quick shipping, you can’t beat the freshness of hemp flower that you can buy online. This translates to an incredible selection of cannabinoid and terpene profiles that will satisfy nearly any pallet and make for a smooth and enjoyable experience where are you can leave behind the harsh, dry, odorless, and tasteless hemp flower you may have encountered in the past.

Another advantage to ordering online is that you have the opportunity to see what folks have experienced by reading reviews of each of the hemp flower strains. Often you may change your mind about which strains you want to try based on others’ experiences.

We know what goes into each of our products because we chose it. We farm our hemp using organic inputs on organic soil and practice sustainable methods that support soil health so that future generations can do the same. Each of our products is third-party lab tested and we post certificates of analysis that provide tangible evidence of the purity and concentration contained therein.


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