Wholesale CBD Hemp Flower

The Wife CBD Hemp Flower 2019 (Wholesale)
The Wife CBD Hemp Flower 2019 Harvest Don't dismiss it because of the age! This this bulk hemp flower was stored properly and still packs a punch, both in aroma and effect. At this price, you can't go wrong. Give...
from $150.00
Sweetened CBD Hemp Flower 2019 (Wholesale)
Sweetened CBD Hemp Flower 2019 Harvest This rose aromatic and umami finishing herb is enveloped in sense of peace and calm followed by a new 20,000 ft vantage. Sweetened lets you fly high while checking off your boxes with ease.
from $200.00
Elektra CBD Hemp Flower (Wholesale)
Wholesale Elektra CBD Hemp Flower has a hint of spice and an afterglow of deep pine sweetness! Its earthy aroma is inviting and mellow. The famous CBD Hemp flower strain “ACDC” is one primogenitor of this hearty strain known for...
from $550.00
Lifter CBD Hemp Flower (Wholesale)
The Lifter CBD Hemp flower is quickly becoming a mainstay in the hemp world due to its classy-gassy aroma. To the connoisseur’s delight, Lifter has the best qualities of a Blackberry OG with a subtle hint of Cheese. Catch a...
from $550.00
Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Flower (Wholesale)
Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Flower is aptly named for its tropical aroma and calming island vibes. The exotic papaya pineapple scent provides an enveloping bouquet of ease and comfort. Say Aloha to your new favorite strain: Hawaiian Haze. Cannabinoids: 20.27% Terpenoids: 1.0%...
from $550.00
Cherry Wine Hemp Flower (Wholesale)
Cherry Wine Hemp Flower (Wholesale) has an earthy, herbaceous character and incredible terpenes (Myrcene, A-pinene, Limonene, and Carophyllene) in this strain of Cherry Wine hemp flower are immediately evident in the sweet, diesely aroma.  16.99% Total Cannabinoids 1.23% Terpenoids Lab...
from $550.00
Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp Flower (Wholesale)
The tangy and smooth smoke of our Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp Flower smells like a fresh-picked blueberry…combined with diesel gas! A key blend of terpenes allows for an energetic chill and a calming uplift. This is a perfect hybrid...
from $500.00