Dr. Brian Peternell


Dr. Brian Peternell believes in the body’s innate ability to heal and his objective is to find and support the health of his patients. Impediments to the expression of health come in many forms, nearly always with an anatomic component (nervous, vascular, fascial, muscular, skeletal, ect), that, when functionally restored, contributes to physiologic correction. This is the mechanical basis of osteopathic manipulation, a core component of traditional osteopathy. 

The expression of Health is not merely mechanical in nature. Mind and spirit must also be attuned. Cranial osteopathy provides a window into the expression and harmony of these within and through the body.

Dr. Peternell is a licensed physician and, as such, has the privilege to make use of all available diagnostic and therapeutic modalities as may be necessary to understand and support the expression of health in his patients. 


Harmonious health expression is, in part, modulated by the endocannabinoid system. This system and its innate and induced modulation by select cannabinoids, terpenoids and combinations thereof is of particular interest to Dr. Peternell. 

There has been a fascinating co-development and heirloom selection of Cannabis Sativa L. through the history of human society that has produced powerful and naturally synchronized varieties of this herbal medicine. 

Dr. Peternell looks to explore the reaches of the over 120 known cannabinoids with their terpenoid counterparts through selective breeding and dissemination of the resultant varieties yielding a wide range of benefits to the public and his patients. 


Dr. Peternell is a father and husband and loves play-time with his son Jack and wife Bronwen. This usually involves water, waves, sand, dirt or snow and when possible happens with extended family and friends, occasionally outside the country. It's good to be together!




B.S. - Neuroscience and Behavior - University of California Santa Cruz

D.O. - Touro University California - Vallejo, CA

Internship - Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine - Southampton Hospital - Southampton, NY

Residency - Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine - Northeast Regional Medical Center - Kirksville, MO