Not all hemp seeds are created equal and the genetics that you choose play the biggest role In determining the outcome at harvest time. Hemp cultivation requires a significant investment of time, energy, and materials, beginning with your hemp genetics. We offer several options that allow you to optimize your yield per acre through multiple or staggered harvests and if you're looking to capitalize the rising and highly profitable hemp flower market we have both gold standard and new strains that are proven winners. You can buy with confidence knowing that our strains produce the very hemp flower that we sell out of. 



As you consider which strain(s) to choose to produce your high end CBD or CBG hemp flower this year, remember that the hemp flower that sells must be both highly potent and female. As such you can rely on our carefully bred feminized seed to produce just that. Our hemp seed feminization rates are over 99%, making an easy task of achieving an all female flower harvest. 




A seed is a seed and a plant a plant, but sometimes one does not beget the other. Not all seeds germinate, but with ours you can be confident that, given appropriate conditions, >95% will. Wether you direct-sew or begin with starts, your fields will be full. 


You may choose seeds, starts, or a combination tailored to your farming preferences and practices as well as anticipated harvest plan. 

If you are new to farming at scale or do not have infrastructure to grow out and protect young seedlings you may consider using a direct-sew technique or ordering seedling or clonal starts. Using starts eliminates the need for a nursery and guarantees germination of your crop. Farmers can plant their hemp starts right in a warm field after two weeks of hardening and watch their crop grow in a hurry!



If you are looking for a uniform stand, want to minimize pest damage to seedlings, or ensure a uniform pellet size for your planter, you may consider adding an organic certified seed coating. We are happy to discuss options on seed coating to get you the optimal seed prep for your particular needs.



A big decision farmers face is whether to grow CBD or CBG rich strains. Both have become popular in the high end hemp flower markets and have similar and distinct properties in growth characteristics, THC ratios, and yield. 

Our Jane Snow CBG clonal starts  produce some of the the highest yields among strains we offer and with a 115:1 ratio of CBG:THC they are one the safest to grow from a compliance standpoint. That being said, each of our strains wether CBD or CBG rich, must be tested throughout the flowering period to choose the timing of official sampling in order to obtain the highest potency at harvest. 

No matter which cannabinoid you decide to grow, we have excellent options available.







Contact us, tell us your situation, and we can help point you to the best hemp strain(s) for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us or browse our hemp seed strains to learn more about them. If you want to try them before making a larger purchase, we have seed sample packs available as well as finished hemp flower to get a look at what your fields may produce.