Notable Changes for the 2021 Hemp Program include: 

  • Modification of minimum planting requirements:
    • Outdoor growers must plant a minimum of 150 plants. (Previously required to plant ¼ acres and 300 plants.)
    • Indoor growers must plant a minimum of 1,000 square feet and 100 plants. (Previously required to plant 2,000 square feet and 200 plants.)
  • The Department will issue research permits for institutions of higher education and research institutions. (For smaller scale research not resulting in commercial activity; details coming in January 2021.)
  • Removed the requirement for signage at grow sites, although the Department still recommends signage as a best management practice.
  • If the laboratory results for an officially sampled hemp lot are below the 0.3% Total THC compliance level, permittees can move the hemp crop upon receipt of the compliant Certificate of Analysis without need of a separate letter of clearance from PDA.

Pennsylvania Hemp Program Program Site: Click Here

Pennsylvania Hemp Permit Application: Click Here

Pennsylvania Phone: 717-787-4843

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