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The Farm

Golden Eagle Farms is nestled in the beautiful hills of Corralitos in Santa Cruz county. With 180° of sunshine, rich soil, and co-planted with a large variety of gorgeous flowers and other beneficial plants, our girls have every opportunity to thrive, and thrive they have! They enjoy regular feedings of a homemade 24-36hr brew of Worm compost tea and local Monterey Bay sourced Composted Organic Fish and Kelp along with beneficial fungi and bacteria that not only feeds our girls, but helps to enrich the soil! 


We walk the fields daily, and we're not the only ones. Along with a plethora of cottontail rabbits, there are red and grey fox, whitetail deer, red tailed hawks, and a few years back, our namesake, a trio of Golden Eagles. This year we had a resident family of wild turkeys loving the shelter of our plants and rich biodiversity of insects. The honey bees were thriving among our flowers and lack of pesticide use. 

Our earth is a sacred place, and our farm aims to integrate with its precious and unfathomably complex nature. We are forever grateful for its bounty and beauty. Go Earth! We love you.


All Golden Eagle Farms products contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC in order to be compliant with the 2018 US Farm Bill. For additional reading here is a link to the 2018 US Farm Bill. 

 Resident Turkey Family