Sustainability and Health - our core values - have driven us to interact with the earth and her people through hemp.

We champion the amazing hemp plant and promote farming it regeneratively so that the results are truly transformative for the earth and for those who will benefit from our products.

Golden Eagle Farms is a team of hands in the soil farmers who have been growing hemp and cannabis for 15+ years. With a physician at the helm, leading breeding and development, and a passionate crew from around the world with talents as diverse, we've come together to bring our best CBD hemp flower and Female hemp seeds to you directly, from our families to yours.

Sustainability and Health in the Field

Along with a plethora of cottontail rabbits, there are red and grey fox, whitetail deer, red tailed hawks, and our namesake, a group of Golden Eagles. This year we had a resident family of wild turkeys loving the shelter of our plants and rich biodiversity of insects. The honey bees were thriving among our flowers and lack of pesticide use. 

Our earth is a sacred place and our farm aims to integrate with its precious and unfathomably complex nature. We are forever grateful for its bounty and beauty. Go Earth! We love you.

All of our products are strictly adherent to the 2018 Farm Bill.