Jane Snow G Clones - Golden Eagle Farms
Jane Snow G Clones - Golden Eagle Farms

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Jane Snow CBG Clones

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Jane Snow G

Early Season (6-7 wks) (Early Sept)

CBG: 16-20%

CBG:THC = 115:1

Heavy Yield:  3000lb/AC @2700/AC

Jane Snow G


She really is the Queen of the North, glistening huge colas - a shimmering field of CBG. 

CBG will likely surpass CBD in demand and prevalence in the coming years.  As the "Stem Cell" cannabinoid it has the potential to be transformed into each of the major compounds. Check out this FORBES article that details the benefits and profits.

Extremely High CBG production with very little THC means you can finish these girls without concern for them ever going "Hot" 

Not only that, but the CBG market is just firing up. 


Price Breaks

Minimum Order: 2,500 

2,500 - 5,000 = $8/Ea

10,000 - 20,000 = $5/Ea

25,000 - 40,000 = $4/Ea

50,000 - 200,00 = $3/Ea

250,000 - 750,000 = $2/Ea

1,000,000+ =$1/Ea



<10,000 = 1-3wks

10K - 1M = 3-6 wks



Shipping is Buyer's Responsibility.

We Can Recommend Transportation Companies As Needed.

FOB Shipping point: Watsonville, CA





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